Brand identity

 “Simplicity is the Quintessence of Greek Elegance”



5FIVE jewellery and other products are handcrafted in Athens by Greek Artisans in excellent quality



5FIVE is a Greek Brand that offers a curated selection of Jewellery, accessories and gifts with elegant & minimal aesthetics inspired by art & culture.



5FIVE shapes a brand identity by associating its name with 5 values:

  • Elegance 
  • Excellence 
  • Expertise 
  • Empathy 
  • Enthusiasm



5FIVE takes its name from the 5 elements of the universe and especially the fifth, "Aether", inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. 

This is, the Quintessence, the most essential, the most dominant! 

By extension, Quintessence is an object, a creation of unparalleled beauty



5FIVE's impressive and elegant packaging satisfies all 5 senses and creates an unforgettable 5star Unboxing Experience! 






The reason brand 5FIVE exists :
To help the customer create an unforgettable unboxing experience.
What 5FIVE seeks to accomplish: 
Become the leading Greek Gifting Brand, gaining top-of-mind awareness in the minds of consumers seeking gifts for themselves or their loved





5FIVE promises to offer customers a 5star Experience of Greek Elegance guided by our 5 values


An elegant and minimal design, yet an impressive packaging


Excellent organization, and attention to every little detail


A curated selection and the 5FIVE brand guarantee of unique designs handmade in Athens by an experienced team with expertise in craftmanship


Empathy to understand all of our customer’s needs


Enthusiasm and emotional communication





5 steps of our creative process

Inspiration. Design. Prototyping. Production. Launch.


These are the 5 steps behind all 5FIVE products from the beginning of their lifecycle up to them being presented to our customers.

With excellence & expertise as our guiding value, this is how the 5FIVE team works.



We find inspiration in everything around us. The 5FIVE team follows arts & culture as well as design innovators and stays up to date on new trends and market developments. The idea for a new collection may come from anything as abstract as the focus on geometry currently happening in the fashion world to something distinctly specific, such as the curves and lines of a letter interpreted through the brand’s Greek heritage.



The 5FIVE design team proceeds with sketching and outlining motifs and drafting proposals as to ways that they can be incorporated in our product lines. The design always begins with pen and paper, the 3D digital renderings then follow.



Our experienced and highly expertised technicians then go on producing prototypes based on the original designs. This is the stage where a 5FIVE piece materializes and grows as design flaws are corrected and alternative ideas are being tested. It’s where a design evolves to its final form.



The finalized prototypes then move on to the production stage. All 5FIVE items are being held to the brand’s exceptional standards by the production & quality assurance teams.



When the time comes for a new collection to be presented to our customers, we passionately take care of every little detail regarding its unveiling and communication.

Nothing makes us happier than a customer discovering a 5FIVE piece and them choosing to offer it as gift to a loved one or to themselves!


It’s what every step in our creative process leads to: the beautifully wrapped package containing an excellent & meaningful piece that will create unforgettable memories.