5 elegant interiors that inspire us

5 elegant interiors that inspire us

This spring we find ourselves spending more time inside our houses in order to protect ourselves and our communities from the coronavirus pandemic. In these stressful times, it seems more important than ever to take good care of the space that we spend so much time in and make it as peaceful as possible. Our homes are ultimately a reflection of us, so by taking care of our home we are truly taking care of ourselves.

With each and every design choice that we make in our space, we have the power to generate an emotional experience. And as the need to feel some control in our lives rises in uncertainty, curating a minimal living space that eliminates excess and clutter can be a good first step and offer that feeling of control.

It’s more essential now than ever that we take care of our personal spaces and make the time that we spend in our home more meaningful, more conscious and filled with more love. 


Sleek lines|Minimal monochromatic tones bring a lightness to the space that is decorated with a mix of classic and modern pieces ☞ Tip! Light candles to bring warmth to the room and instantly make it more inviting and welcoming


Black & white forever|The striking black and white palette is timeless, a classic statement of style that elevates any space with its undeniable simplicity ☞ Tip! Incorporate plants into a black & white space to make the room feel more refreshed and natural


Eclectic touches of style|Distinctive and idiosyncratic items fill the room with personality, brighten up the atmosphere and bring joy ☞ Tip! Sprinkle meaningful & handmade pieces of art around the house to add personality in your home


Mixed textures|Basic pieces in a variety of textures will inject life in your home as they add detail and depth to the decor ☞ Tip! Focus on natural textures (such as wood, straw, etc.) to make the space more organic


A pop of colour|Light green and yellow shades emerge as the most joyous colours that can elevate any room for the spring and summer seasons ☞ Tip! Welcome spring with pillows and throws in bright colours that will lift your mood