5FIVE promises to offer you an unforgettable unboxing experience through an exceptional packaging designed to satisfy all 5 of your senses:
  • Touch
    Our products are placed in a luxurious velvet pouch that is soft to the touch and will instantly warm your heart
  • Taste
    The pouch is then placed inside a sleek box with a complementary pack of 5 small chocolate pieces with seasonal flavour by ÉSOPHY

  • Hearing
    The box is bound with a little decorative bell that creates a joyful sound

  • Smell
    Before placing the box in the 5FIVE bag, it is lightly scented with a seasonal aroma

    and, of course...

  • Vision
    All the packaging materials as well as the precious gift inside are presented in a bag of high aesthetics, in accordance with the brand's minimal styling
Order a gift from 5FIVE for you or for a loved one and experience an unforgettable unboxing experience!