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About us

5FIVE is a new Greek brand that offers a curated selection of jewellery, accessories and gifts with elegant & minimal aesthetics that stand out.

With an impressive packaging and great attention to every detail of the unboxing experience, a gift from 5FIVE for you or for a loved one guarantees a unique unboxing experience that will satisfy all 5 of your senses!

With excellence, elegance, expertise, empathy and enthusiasm the 5FIVE team is always here to help you create unforgettable gifting moments!

Our promise to you

With a strong product offering that covers your gifting needs for any occasion, to give to others and to give to yourself…

With a curated selection and the 5FIVE brand guarantee of unique designs handmade with quality craftmanship and offered at attractive prices...

With an elegantly minimal yet impressive packaging that creates a sentimental unboxing experience...

With excellent organization, attention to every little detail and using empathy to understand and predict all our customer’s needs…

With excellent customer service and enthusiasm to satisfy our customer’s 5 senses…

…we promise to offer you a 5 star experience! 

The 5FIVE Shopping Experience


For wholesale contact: 210-3637543, info@5five.gr